About us

Beaumont Montessori Philosophy

Early childhood is a particularly important period in a child’s development. This is the time when your child learns social skills, develops concepts, and forms values and attitudes which last them a lifetime.

At Beaumont Montessori, we recognize each child as a unique individual with their own special capabilities. Our environment is warm, accepting and designed to promote self-confidence, optimum growth, and development. We give each child as much personal attention as possible while at the same time promoting a feeling of group belonging.

At Beaumont Montessori Early Learning , our philosophy is based on the Montessori method of teaching and Learning thru Play while incorporating the Alberta Flight Curriculum.

Montessori Method

The Montessori methodology is based on the prepared environment, a carefully planned arrangement of surroundings, equipment, and materials. Some of the principal basics of the method include grouping children together, encouraging their active involvement and selecting their own materials. The method fosters moral development, emphasizing such components as co-operation, responsibility, and patience.

Because each child is a unique individual, instruction in a Montessori program is individualized and education is regarded as a process of continually cultivating the child’s natural desire to learn.

The Montessori program places emphasis on:

  • Respect for the child.
  • Self-correcting learning materials and activities.
  • Self motivation.
  • Individualized learning and instructions.
  • Co-operation, not competition.
  • Fostering independence in the child.
  • Responsible freedom.
  • Processes of learning as well as products to foster life-long learning behaviours.
  • Fostering competencies based on success.
  • Peer assistance and teaching.
  • Sensory motor preparation for intellectual development.

Academic Development

We recognize that over the years that our other program (Riverbend Montessori) has become known as a very academic preschool. Although this is not our primary goal, our programs have a very strong academic component. Over the years, we have found that the majority of the children who attended come from strong, loving families where they’ve been treated with kindness and respect. Because of these nurturing family environments, the social aspects of the program come together quite quickly and therefore allow us to provide a sound academic component.
The philosophy behind our academics is guided by our desire for children to come to see learning as a very fun, creative hands-on experience in which they discover success.

Our academic curriculum is broken down into five major areas: practical life, sensorial, language arts, science and culture(geography), math with art, music and movement as extra curricular activities. Each of these curriculum areas has its own set of goals.

At the end of the five-year-old year, many of the Beaumont Montessori children will leave being able to read and write, add and subtract, tell you the difference between Monet and Van Gogh paintings and describe the life cycle of a butterfly. However, the accomplishment of specific skills and the acquisition of factual knowledge is not the hallmark of success in the program. We consider ourselves successful when we have motivated each child to be challenged and excited about learning.

Social Learning

Socializing with “Grace and Courtesy”
Because children in the Children’s House move freely, choosing their own work, and places to sit, your child will have plenty of opportunities to practice social interaction. Montessori teachers share lessons that each child can practice in various circumstances. These simple clear lessons in everything from asking to sit with someone to blowing one’s own nose or saying “excuse me” give a child the tools they need to interact successfully in their world.

Programs and Services


Dear Parents,

The new fees will go into effect as of September 1st, 2022. Please make note for your reference. This new schedule will replace and supersede any previous fee schedules posted online, in any written materials or policies handed out or otherwise verbally communicated in the past.

Program Fees:

Nido: 12 -19 months – $1260

Bambino: 20 – 40 months – $1130

Children’s House: 41 months + – $1055

OSC (Sept – June): Grade 1 and up – $700

PD days and extra full days are an additional $20 / day.

OSC (July-August): Grade 1 and up – $900

Additional Fees:

Bussing Fee: to and from school – $110

Breakfast/Lunch – $60

NOTE: A parent can choose to opt out of the breakfast/lunch fee. By doing so, they will be responsible for sending food for the entire day.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 7 am to 5:30 pm ( 15 min grace to 5:45)
Closed all statutory holidays.


Our goal is to provide an environment that will enable the child to develop to their optimum potential, physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and creatively.

We will provide qualified staff to facilitate this environment and encourage the children to grow in self-respect and responsibility.

The staff will be responsible for room set up and preparation of activities in all the rooms – in keeping with each particular child’s and the group’s current level of achievement, interest, ability and needs.